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Earth Day and Automatic watches

Its Earth Day everybody! Remember to do an act of eco friendliness, be it picking up rubbish or shutting off all electricity in your house for an hour. Any and every act of eco friendliness will greatly aid the environment! Mechanical watches have lasted the test of time, with watches being made even before the invention of electricity. So today, I will be touching on my favorite automatic watches that do not require electricity to power up.

Dive deep and discover yourself with the Arbutus Dive Inspired GMT AR2102SUS!

This beauty is a must have, the classical ‘dive’ design is timeless, and the universally recognizable dial adds to the overall luxurious look of the watch. With the stainless-steel bracelet, the watch is perfect for formal events to casual occasions and everything in between. As an automatic watch the intricacies of the movement is undoubted, the design of the dial further elevates the sense of prestige when donned. Best part, the affordable price tag is a big draw!

Following closely, the Vincent Calabrese Beauty Fuel collection is an exceptional collection of automatic watches.

From the dial alone you can tell that the complication within is evidently intricate. With several indicators on the watch, the one which stands out the most is the prominent dual time function, power reserve and day and date indicator. A signature of the Beauty Fuel collection is the mesmerizing blue guilloche dial that creates the luxurious finish.

Did any of these automatic watches catch your eye? Go back to an era where there was no electricity and appreciate the intricacies found in a hand-assembled automatic watch! Check out our collection of automatic watches here on Timepiece Atelier!


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