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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming up and you still have yet to purchase gifts for your family and friends? Don’t worry, we have listed down a few watches that will be the perfect gift to give your loved ones.

1. For the adventurous one

If you have an adventurous friend or family member, the Edox CO-1 Automatic is a suitable gift for them. The Edox CO-1 Automatic has met the demanding criteria and technical aspects that is required of a sports analogue watch. The timepiece spots a ceramic bezel which is scratch resistant, water resistance up to 300 metres, and many more. This is the best choice of watch for someone adventurous and tough.

2. For the fun and outgoing one

Whenever you catch up with friends or family, does it feel like time passes by quickly? Then you should probably consider purchasing the Vincent Calabrese NHC OTS which spots a jumping hour mechanism this Christmas. This jumping hour feature in this timepiece is unique as it adds a wandering hour element that rotates around the dial. The hour disc also helps to tell the minutes and the disc jumps as it moves to the next hour. If time ‘jumps’ by quickly during these special moments, this is the timepiece to consider as a special gift.

3. For the trendy one

Do you have a trendy friend or family member who’s constantly caught up with the latest fashion? The Arbutus Dual-Time Skeleton may suit them and let them stand out from the crowd. This timepiece features a skeleton design which enables us to see the mechanical movement while the watch is on our wrists. It also spots a 24 hour indicator that has been presented as in a Sun and Moon window at the top of the dial which makes this piece so unique. So if the person you are gifting this watch to is trendy and understands the beauty of fashion, this piece is the one that will suit them.

4. For the one that’s always late

I think we all know someone who is never on time and probably needs to start looking at their watch more often. The Vulcain Aviator Dual-Time features a double membrane which makes the iconic Vulcain Cricket Alarm sharper and louder. This is the piece you should get for the one who is always late! Remind them to set the alarm on their watch and they should never be late again!