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Boxing Day Ideas

Boxing Day is celebrated in many countries, and most people will spend time with their family or spend money on gifts, kind of like an additional day of Christmas since it falls one day after Christmas. If you are unsure of what to give or wear this Boxing Day, we are here to help. We have cumulated a couple of watches which are suitable for yourself as well as a gift to someone else.

Our first choice is the Arbutus Bronze watch collection. This piece is unique as bronze ages like leather and it adapts to the person’s body and environment. This watch has a Swiss Movement Automatic which is an exclusive movement to Arbutus. The bezel of this watch is also unidirectional which means it can only move in one direction. The bronze case and the leather strap makes this watch look casual and simple, and it will not go wrong as a gift nor is it hard to pair with your outfit.

Our next choice is the Hanhart Minos. Hanhart is known for its vintage-looking watches and its ratchet bezel. The white dial acts as a contrast to the perfectly polished edel steel case and the numerals in the dial are uncomplicated. If you are looking for a simple yet vintage watch, the Hanhart Minos is the one you should choose.

The next piece we recommend is the Claude Bernard Slim Line Two Hands. This unisex collection is suitable for those who want a simple and elegant timepiece, its appearance suits both casual and formal occasions. The blue dial and the blue leather strap with an accent of red brings out the elegance in this piece. If you are looking for something that is more subdued but is quirky in its own ways, the Claude Bernard Slim Line Two Hands is the perfect timepiece for you.

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