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Blooming Beauty, NHC FL’ORA

Vincent Calabrese is world renowned for his intricate movement modifications, his creations include the OTTICA collection, BEAUTY FUEL Collection, and the FL’ORA collection to name a few. However, out of these collections, the FL’ORA collection is one of the few Vincent Calabrese tailored specifically towards women, to help capture the intense and instantaneous moments of her life.

The FL’ORA collection is unique in the sense it has both the jumping hour AND the hour and minute hand on the dial. That’s not even the best part, the jumping hour indices bare rose designs, an indication of femininity and beauty. The roses are also in 12 different colours, making it a delight to discover a new rose with every passing hour.

The cases are also made of stainless steel paired with python strap which exudes sophistication.

This is the NHC FLS 229D, it is a beauty to look at and truly an attention grabber. Stand out from the crowd with the radiant bejewelled dial of the 229D and the striking orange dial and strap. Only a truly refined woman is deserving of such a beautiful watch and complication, treat yourself or your special lady today and view the rest of Vincent Calabrese’s creations here!

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