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Arbutus #MyFirstAutomatic with @sirensamm (Part 3)

Part 3: My First Full Time Job @sirensamm

Meet Samantha Tay, also known as @sirensamm on Instagram. Here she shares with us her first experiences with Arbutus and how Arbutus Moonphase Multi-function AR810RWW is an ideal choice for her first mechanical watch.

How and when did you start dancing?

I started at the age of 6 when we were given the choice to enrol in a co-curricular activity in school! My mother thought it would be a good idea to sign me up for ballet lessons so that I can learn to be graceful - and I’m thankful she chose this for me. My school gave us opportunities to perform on stage on special occasions, thus with more performing experience and exposure, it made me more confident and I guess that’s how I excelled and progressed over the years. So it’s been 21 years since then and though not as actively as before, I’m still doing what i love & sharing my love for what i do!

Have you participated in any dance competitions?

The age between 15 - 21 were my dance competition years. I’ve participated in Danceworks, All Babes Cineleisure Dance Competition, Suntec Dance, World Supremacy Battlegrounds (Melbourne). Having participated in competitions after competitions, i learnt that I absolutely love working as a team and enjoyed the (very mentally and physically tough ) journey with my fellow dance friends very much but definitely did not like the idea of “competing” with others. As much as a part of me feels like I want to do it again, I know i’ve been involved in it more than enough, so no regrets! Nonetheless, I will always always keep those fond memories of my competition days close to my heart.

Why do you want to be a dance instructor?

I get to work my creative juices, it’s my form of weekly workout, I get to share the joy of dance and impact others - so why not?

How long have you been a dance instructor and what styles of dance do you teach?

It’s been 5 years since my very first open class! I generally teach Street Jazz and Girl Style, but I used to also teach simple Hip Hop and Kpop Dance for kids for about 2-3 years!

Arbutus Moonphase Multi-function AR810RWW

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