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4 watches for all generations

Watches have evolved over time. While in the past it served a functional need, today it has evolved to also represent one’s taste and preference. Be it teaching a child to read time, to a watch that represents momentous occasions, a watch will always have its place through time and generations. Today, I present to you my very own pick of 4 watches that can spread across generations!

Starting of our recommendation for the active child is the Reebok Nerd collection.

This is the Reebok Nerd RD-VNE-G9-P2S2-B2, it has a simple digital display with a full gold theme to elevate any attire with its lustrous golden glow. If there is one thing Reebok does well it would be in sports and active living, and the Reebok Nerd is no stranger to the tough conditions your young ones may put it through. It is not only durable but also fashionable! If you are looking for a digital display watch, do consider the Reebok Nerd!

A key milestone in anyone’s life is to graduate and start that first day of work. As a mark to symbolize entering the next phase in life, it is always good to get an ‘adult-looking’ timepiece that can be generalized as ‘Swiss Made’ and ‘Automatic’. One timepiece that fits the bill is from our Claude Bernard Automatic collection that is priced perfectly for the first paycheck for any young executive. Getting that first Swiss Made automatic watch creates an image of professionalism and sophistication and helps to command respect in any formal settings. The simplicity of the Claude Bernard Classic automatic just allows the fine finishing of the watch to shine on any wrist.

As one reaches mid-life a timepiece that stands out on the wrist and yet create a youthful sophistication will be ideal. The Vulcain Automatic Chronograph GMT Big Date VU500115.097LF will be ideal as it retains that sporty look while looking refined.

This watch features an automatic chronograph and GMT movement with accents of red and blue to create the sporty image. The dial is beautifully designed with its guilloche dial and roman numerals and indices to create that elegant finish. The simple silver colours allows the watch to exude a sense of authority without it being too overbearing. With so many complications on the automatic movement, Vulcain decided to add a column wheel to the watch to protect the movement from wear and tear. The automatic movement has been further modified with the large date window found at the 6 O’clock. This watch is perfect for any occasion and suitable for a versatile lifestyle one might experience in their mid-life.

Many of us eagerly look towards our Golden years where we are free of obligations. The perfect timepiece will be one that provides mesmerizing details to appreciate all day long. Our favourite timepiece will be the Beauty Fuel automatic NHC BFS 153, by Vincent Calabrese

This marvelous creation is a statement, a demand of attention and respect. The unique guilloche white dial has a power reserve indicator, a 2nd time zone and a day and date sub dial. It is a watch that one can tinker with all day or take a leisurely holiday with. The white dial also complements the brown strap that creates a modern but vintage look.

Our pick of 4 watches for all generations can be found on our website right here! Do be sure to check out the individual brands as well and you might just find the perfect watch for you!

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