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3 Ways to Style Claude Bernard Watches

Claude Bernard is a Swiss watch brand known for making affordable and elegant Swiss-made timepieces. There are 3 different types of Claude Bernard Collections and they are the Classic collection, the Automatic collection, and the Ladies (Dress Code) collection. Today, we are going to discuss how we can style these 3 collections from Claude Bernard.

First up, the Classic Collection. The classic collection looks more vintage with its gold stainless steel strap or a brown leather strap with a white dial. The numerals on the dial are represented by indexes or roman numerals instead which helps to classify this collection as a vintage classic.

For ladies, you can consider having a white oversized button-up shirt, a khaki-coloured blazer matched with a dark pair of jeans, and top it off with a pair of high heel boots. By pairing the khaki-coloured blazer and the Claude Bernard Classic, it neutralizes the colour scheme and does not make the timepiece look too overwhelming and over the top.

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For the men, you can consider pairing the Claude Bernard Classic piece with a blue button-up shirt, white pants, and some white shoes. The brown strap complements the cool tone from the shirt as well as the white pair of pants, this gives off a very casual vibe and it will not look too excessive.

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The next collection is the Claude Bernard Automatic collection. This collection comes in stainless steel bracelet or leather strap with a white or black dial to give off the minimalist look.

The Claude Bernard Classic Automatic Date is a simple timepiece with a black dial and leather strap. You can pair it with literally anything because of how simple and classy it looks. Our recommendation for the ladies is to pair it with a white turtleneck and black pants as well as a simple pair of white shoes to give off the plain and minimal look. As for the men, you can pair it with a grey t-shirt, blank pants and a pair of Chelsea boots. You can also add a denim jacket for the pop of color so that your outfit would not look too dull.

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The last collection to highlight from Claude Bernard is the Dress Code collection for the ladies. This collection is mainly for something more formal like a wedding reception or a ball, however, it is also versatile and can be worn for casual events like a brunch date. The collection has several pieces with a bracelet strap which makes the timepiece more elegant and feminine.

The Claude Bernard Dress Code is an uncomplicated timepiece with special engraving on its dial to look like crystals and bring out the elegance of the timepiece. To achieve the casual look, you can pair this timepiece with a grey crop top, a pair of denim shorts as well as some white shoes. This makes your outfit seem relaxed and not so intense.

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