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3 Ways to Style Arbutus Watches

Arbutus is a brand from New York City and the brand has been focusing on affordable automatic timepieces by collaborating with movement manufacturers to tailor specific movement parts to increase precision. Their watches are suitable for most occasions and outfits! Here are 3 ways you can style your Arbutus watch.

  1. Formal

  2. Smart-Casual

  3. Casual

The first outfit would be for something more formal, for both females and males. Pop on a monochrome button-down shirt, preferably white or black, as well as a formal suit pants and an oxford shoe or flats for females. You can match this outfit with the Arbutus Double Balance Wheel which adds on to the aesthetics of your overall look.

The next outfit is a smart-casual outfit, suitable for attending a slightly informal event but you still want to dress to impress. For the ladies, you can wear a blouse and a pencil skirt with heels and you are ready to go. For the gents, you can consider putting on a polo tee and a pair of pants with some sneakers and that will be a smart casual look. You can pair the Arbutus Dive Inspired GMT with your smart-casual outfit to add a touch of formal to your outfit.

The last outfit would be a casual outfit for a chill evening or weekend with your friends or family. The women can wear a crop top and jeans while the men can wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The watch to pair with this outfit to make it casual is the Arbutus Power Reserve. The simplicity of the watch makes the whole outfit casual and laid back.