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What is the Cricket alarm calibre?

Did you know? Vulcain is famous not only for their reputation of “The Watch for Presidents”, but also their revolutionary cricket alarm complication. The magnificent creation was created with the intent for the watch to wake a person up, in addition to its time telling capabilities. Let’s look at some of Vulcain’s finest watches with their signature Cricket alarm calibre.

What better way to start off the list with a watch which looks rival its sound? The Vulcain Tonneau Milliseme 1928 Steel VU110109.058LF.

This beauty does not only strike visually with its azure blue dial, but it is also audibly superior with its cricket alarm. This masterpiece has the unique Vulcain cricket alarm complication within it, fitted with the double membrane case back, further amplifying the sound. The cricket calibre is a true marvel, elevating the intricacies of the watch, while also providing practical use of the time.

Loud design, louder alarm, the Vulcain Aviator Cricket Dual-Time VU110114.073M is not one to pass up.

With a magnificent sunburst dial that makes the watch even more unique than it already is, it also has the unique Vulcain cricket alarm! Dress to impress with this slick watch and level up your outfit! Remind yourself of the time with the loud alarm and others that you are of importance with a watch that demands attention and respect.

These are only two of many Vulcain watches that has the intriguing cricket alarm complication, if you are interested in looking for a Vulcain watch for yourself, be sure to check out the Vulcain catalogue here!

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