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The History of Hanhart

Hanhart is a German watch brand with Swiss Movement that started its business back in 1882. It has a total of 139 years of experience in the watch industry and has created many timepieces worth mentioning for a watch collection.

Hanhart is mainly known for their pilot chronograph and their chronograph watches are being broken down into 3 different collections, the Air, Land, and Sea, and their chronograph design was inspired by World War 2. But before they were famous for their chronograph watches, they were also famous for making stopwatches, their stopwatches are a necessity at important car races and sporting events.

Below are some of the timepieces you should have in your watch collection.

The first piece, the Hanhart Pioneer Caliber II. This piece features an edel steel case on the exterior case and it is an automatic Swiss Chronograph movement. This timepiece has your basic chronograph function which is easy to understand and it has a rotating bezel which makes the timepiece more unique and interesting. The black dial and the leather strap make the Hanhart Pioneer Caliber II look vintage and mysterious.

The second piece, the Hanhart Minos. This is unlike any other Hanhart watch despite it featuring a polished edel steel case with stainless steel case back. Instead of having the famous chronograph movement in this watch, this is your simple automatic movement, vintage-looking piece. The white dial and stainless steel finishing make this watch look dependable and formal which suits all events. If you don’t like the masculine look from the stainless steel strap, you can also purchase the one with a brown leather strap which completes the overall vintage look.

And the last piece from Hanhart is a Limited Edition piece with the iconic red stopper that makes the whole watch stand out from the crowd. It is the Hanhart Red X Limited Edition. This piece is antique looking but it also brings out the ruggedness in it. The black dial is paired with the black leather strap gives the watch a sturdy and reliable look. This piece has a sapphire case back to show off the mechanics of the elaborately decorated movement of the watch.

Hanhart is a brand with a rich experience in watchmaking and the above watches are just a few collections they have, if you would like to find out more, you can visit our website HERE, you can also make an appointment HERE to view the watches.


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