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New Year’s Resolution with Arbutus

Happy New Year’s Day! I hope it was fantastic for you and hope you have done your New Year’s resolution! For those who are looking to up their fashion game, you cannot afford to overlook a nice wrist companion. Our Arbutus watch collections are sure to put the bling on your wrist with their exquisite designs.

The Arbutus Dive Inspired GMT AR2102SUS is a classic dive inspired timepiece.

The tried-and-true design is one of the most reliable ‘dive’ watch designs to fall back on when you are unsure of what to slap on your wrist! The azure blue dial complements the stainless-steel bracelet strap and is sure to not just pair well with but also elevate anybody’s outfits.

A flashier watch would most definitely be the Arbutus Classic Skeleton AR901BBB.

This mechanical masterpiece has a skeleton design that makes it look sophisticated and intricate. The black dial and strap accentuate the prominence of the movement in the watch, allowing the gears within to shine as the star of the watch. This watch is a statement piece, and it is a loud one at that, it is sure to elevate any outfit, anywhere, anytime.

Now you have no excuse for missing a quality watch on your wrist. Use the new year to up your style and suave. If you are interested in picking up an automatic Arbutus watch, be sure to check us out here!

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