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Patriot Day and Hanhart

11 September 2021 marks the day that air travel has changed. It serves as a reminder that we cannot take our safety for granted and that vigilance is of paramount importance. Let us remind ourselves of the importance of the defence in our country and that everyone should remain brave in times of adversity. When it comes to the defence of our country, there are no boundaries.

The Hanhart Admiral watch is inspired by that ethos of resilience and bravery. Built with a rich history and deep ties to pilots of the past, they are famed for their automatic chronograph watches that has become a pilot’s instrument.

Starting off with a classic beauty, the Hanhart Admiral HA703.0001-00 has an alluring white dial with a bewitching grooved vintage inspired bezel. The bezel also has the symbolic red marking as a reference point for the bezel which is the same design used back in World War 2 for Hanhart. Besides its luminous hands, the watch also features the iconic automatic chronograph which allows pilots to record any timing without sacrificing its effectiveness. A watch truly worthy of the prestige and legacy of Hanhart and the pilots of the past.

Another pilot fan favourite from our Hanhart watch collection is the Hanhart Red X Limited Edition, a collection which brings a dominating vibe with its red accents but paired with a masculine grey dial and matt polished bracelet.

The Hanhart Red X limited stands out from the crowd with its bright red pusher and the sunray grey dial. The watch effortlessly commands while it brings plenty of utility to the table. The chronograph is merely one of many of its functions. Powered by the work horse automatic movement 7760, the watch comes with a 40-hour power reserve, a rotating bezel to and a water resistance of up to 10 atm. Limited to 1939 pieces worldwide, this is a striking timepiece that makes it truly a collectable.

Let’s pay homage to the brave pilots of the past. Remember the lessons learnt from history.

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