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National Centenarian's Day

National Centenarian’s Day is a day where we will commemorate those who have celebrated 100 birthdays or more. To commemorate this occasion, we will be honouring some of the watch brands with a deep history and have created statement pieces. Below are our top 5 picks for this year’s National Centenarian Day.

The first brand is a brand that has been in the watch industry for 137 years and counting. With its long tradition and history as the official timekeeper for multiple sports industries, this brand is one of the underrated Swiss brands and that brand is Edox. The founder of Edox, Christian Ruefli, started the business in 1884 after being inspired by his wife when he created a pocket watch and gifted it to her during her birthday. From that day on, Edox has been known for making quality Swiss-made watches at an affordable price range.

Our first pick would be one of their most iconic piece which is the Edox Delphin as it was a watch that pioneered the technology of high water resistance with the use of a double cashback and crown gasket. The Edox Delphine was first introduced to the world in 1960s and continued to be a staple in the brand’s portfolio. To commemorate the Delphine collection, Edox launched the Delphin Fleet 1650 a remake that held onto the original’s case shape, index and hands. This piece is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide and is made of a bronze case to commemorate the sunken ships found in the waters of Indonesia.

The next pick is also from Edox, it is the EDOX Sharkman II. The creation of this watch was inspired by world champion free diver and ambassador for the first Sharkman timepiece, Christian Redl. The appealing aspect of this watch is the 1000M water resistance, unlike any other watches in the market which typically has 200M - 500M water resistance for diving. On top of that, this watch also has an automatic helium release valve to give your watch the full protection that it needs. If you’re searching for a dive watch that can handle the toughest of conditions, the EDOX Sharkman II collection is the one for you.

The second brand has a unique nickname associated with it, many will call it the “President’s Watch” as this brand has gifted most American presidents their own version of the watch for their inauguration or as a special post-Presidency gift. Other than being known as the watch of Presidents, this brand is also known for producing its own in-house mechanical cricket alarm movements. This brand is no other than Vulcain, a Swiss luxury watch company founded in 1858.

A popular watch from Vulcain is the Vulcain Aviator Cricket Time. Not only does it have the iconic cricket alarm, but it also has this special feature called the double membrane also known as the double case back. The addition of the membrane to the watch helps amplify the cricket alarm to make it sound crisp, clear, and loud and that is what makes this watch so popular and noteworthy.

To continue our celebration of Centenarian is to highlight a brand known for its chronograph watches for pilots. They were pioneers in producing stopwatches and aviation watches. This brand is none other than Hanhart, a German brand that uses Swiss movements that started in 1882. Hanhart’s chronograph watches are World War 2 inspired and their design elements are vintage with a ratcheted bezel. The size of the watches are also relatively small to stay true to their vintage heritage.

An iconic piece to highlight is the Hanhart Red X Limited Edition. This timepiece is iconic and unique as it has Hanhart’s trademark red button at the top button of the watch. Why is this button special you may ask? Legend has it that the button is being painted by the pilot’s wife using her red nail polish to prevent them from unintentionally zeroing the stop time. It also serves as a memory and motivation to come home safe. As there are only 1939 pieces all over the world, this makes the watch more exclusive and unique.

The last brand is a little more special and uncommon. They are well-known for pocket watches and their attractive feature is that each collection plays a different piece of famous classical music. Started in 1904 and is now one of the market leaders among the manufacturers of mechanical watches with musical movement, the brand is called Boegli.

Our last top pick would be the Boegli Grand Tenor BG.M.100. The Boegli Grand Tenor is a Hand Winding Movement piece with a gold-plated case and a white dial. The melody played in this timepiece is the melody of Aida by Verdi and the numerals on this piece are roman numerals which give off the vintage vibes. The Grand Tenor comes with an alarm that plays a melody when the time has been struck. So if you’re looking for something remarkable and uncommon, the Boegli Grand Tenor is the one you should go for.

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