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Incredible Feats with NHC and Vincent Calabrese

New Year’s Eve is upon us! Let us all get inspired by legendary watchmaker Vincent Calabrese and strive to achieve more in 2023! Vincent Calabrese is well-known for his distinctive modified complications, giving his automatic watches a unique flair and extra layer of sophistication. Vincent Calabrese picked up his watchmaking craftsmanship through observation and experience as a street watch technician. This allowed him to learn about the watch making craft in an unrestricted environment and pushed the limits to shatter the watchmaking industry’s expectations.

His creation, the “Spatiales” won him a gold medal at the International Inventor’s Show in Geneva in 1977, earning him the recognition he deserves. He was shy of replicating the magnificent feat, emerging with a silver medal in the 1989 International Inventor’s Show in Geneva with the “Baladin”. He never let success get to his head and continued to challenge his watchmaking craft with his own philosophy, thus creating many innovative collections.

The Ottica collection is a fan favourite as the watch has a jumping hour complication that is not only simple to read but also mesmerising when you think of the modifications made to the automatic movement. The dial has a wandering hour dial that displays the hour of the day with the 2nd rotating disc.

The Beauty Fuel collection by master watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese, features a magnificent complication with a 44-hour power reserve with an indicator, a dual time and a day and date function as well. Just one glance at the dial and it is hard to overlook this masterpiece.

Let the New Year inspire us to never give up on our dreams! If you are interested in Vincent Calabrese’s unique automatic watches, be sure to check them out on our website here!


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