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Boegli: Top 4 Picks

Boegli specialises in making musical timepieces and it is usually in the form of a pocket watch or a wrist watch. These timepieces are paired with famous classical music pieces that are pleasantly pleasing to the ears. All of their pieces are unique as not many brands deal with a mechanical music component. Here are our Top 4 Picks from them.

The first piece is the Boegli China Special. This piece plays the National Anthem of China and it can be easily recognised with the panda print at the middle of the timepiece. This piece is special as Pandas are seen as a symbol of China and plays a significant part in the Chinese culture. The black and white dial complements the colours of a panda and makes the piece look simple yet unique. This is only one of the many other designs this collection has!

The next piece which you can consider getting is the Boegli America Special. Similar to the previous piece, this piece plays the National Anthem of the United States of America and it has an eagle print found in the middle of the timepiece. The American Bald Eagle is the national emblem of the United States and it represents freedom hence that is what makes this piece special. This is only one of the many other designs found in this collection!

Our next pick is the Boegli Saprano Grand Amour. The Soprano models are versatile as it can be used as your normal pocket watches or it can be placed on your desk like a magnificent travelling clock. In addition to that, instead of the normal circle design, this collection has a heart on the dial which makes it more appealing and distinct.

And moving on to our last piece, the Boegli Contemporian. Unlike the other few timepieces Boegli has, this is one of the wrist watches that they carry. The squarish rectangular case and the brown leather strap compliments each other to make the piece look classy and vintage. A piece you should own if you are a collector or simply someone who wants to stand out from the crowd!

You can get your timepieces from Timepiece Atelier’s website HERE or you can make an appointment to view the watches HERE.

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