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Best Watch For Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! How are you going to show your gratitude towards your life’s first teacher? Every man needs a watch, be it for status or time keeping. Here are a couple of watches every dad would appreciate!

You hear it before you see it, much like a dad’s sneeze! Featuring the Vulcain Aviator Cricket Dual-Time with its siren-loud cricket alarm!

This sleek timepiece is the perfect luxury watch for any father and with the iconic Vulcain cricket complication, it will turn heads with the distinctive ring of the cricket alarm. This alarm is further amplified by the double membrane case back that creates echoes to magnify the sounds produced.

Attention! The Hanhart Red X Limited Edition commands respect with its rich history and German engineering precision!

Hanhart is a brand that has withstood the test of time and is well known for their chronograph wristwatches. Much like fathers, this watch exudes a dominating vibe and is sure to command attention. The watch is a homage to the watches made in the past, adding a retro factor to the watch, which most dads can reminiscence.

Those are two of many watches for your dad! Be sure to get a thoughtful gift for the man of the house! To check out more, click here to see the rest of the Gents collection!

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