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Arbutus, the perfect entry level watch

Arbutus watches are of exquisite design and of exceptional quality, but it can be daunting to decide on your first automatic watch especially since many would consider it a high involvement purchase. So, ease yourself and note down the next few watches I’m about to show you from affordable mechanical watch maker, Arbutus.

Striking as it is classical, we have the Arbutus Dive Inspired GMT AR2102SUS.

This is a classical dive watch design and is a versatile watch for any outfit. The radiant blue dial is not too loud and the stainless-steel bracelet pairs swimmingly with the dial, elevating the overall sophistication of the watch. Elegant and versatile, the perfect entry level watch for anybody interested in getting themselves their first automatic watch.

Beauty in simplicity is the name of the game for the Arbutus 9o’clock Open Heart AR1805SWF.

This beauty is a strong supporting piece to any outfit. The simplicity in the design is subtle, but the open dial on the 9o’clock revealing the movement within elevates the sophistication of the watch. This watch does not take the focus away from the outfit, rather, it elevates the sophisticated look of the wearer. A tasteful entry level watch for anyone looking for entry level automatic watches.

If any of these watches interests you, be sure to check out our Arbutus collections here!

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