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Arbutus #MyFirstAutomatic with @thisisgabirelseow (Part 3)

Part 3: My First Part Time Job @thisisgabirelseow

Meet Gabriel Seow, also known as @thisisgabirelseow on Instagram. Here he shares with us his first experiences with Arbutus and how Arbutus Bronze ARBR01GBB is an ideal choice for his first mechanical watch.

How and why did you become a wait staff?

I had just finished my 2 years serving the nation and was quite clueless as to how to proceed in life. I then worked as a wait staff in the meantime to earn a little income while working and honing my craft whenever I had the opportunity.

What are your duties as a waiting staff?

To wait tables, serve customers, clean tables, greet customers and try my best to make their time a memorable one.

As a wait staff, Who’s the most memorable guests you ever served?

I had just started working at this restaurant and I received a tip from a couple. I took their orders, greeted them with a smile, managed to make them laugh and was there available whenever they needed a staff. I tried making them feel as comfortable as they can by assuring them that everything will be taken care of and to simply enjoy their date. Granted it might be a normal or rather plain story to tell because it is such a common thing. Those guests stuck with me in my mind because it reminded me that the FNB service in Singapore might be taken for granted a little. People do work hard to serve and make us, as guests, happy. I don’t think it’ll be that bad to tip them a little whenever you can.

What has been your worst moment as a wait staff?

The worst moment for me was when I picked the food up from the kitchen and happened to slip, causing everything from the tray to fall. Of course, plates and bowls were smashed and it was a huge commotion for a second when everybody stopped to stare.

Are you still working as a wait staff?

No, I am no longer a wait staff. I was greeted with an opportunity to star in a TV series called Paddles Up! With a main/supporting role. I knew that that was a calling and I went for it without looking back. I am still grateful for the opportunity to work in a restaurant. It definitely brought me down from my ego and understood the meaning of working for your survival.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to be an advocate for fitness through my influence. A figure that people can rely and follow. I plan to have my own gym together with my colleagues. I do plan to bring my name out into the acting industry and eventually create films that are put on hold for a long time.

Arbutus Bronze ARBR01GBB

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