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Arbutus editor’s pick

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on your first automatic watch, which many deem as the the first “big boy” purchase. Many think that an automatic watch can be daunting, and it is always a good idea to start with something affordable. You may search online with “What is the most affordable automatic watch?”, or even watch review videos. In this blog, we will cover our most affordable automatic watch brand – Arbutus, and highlight our top 3 recommendations if you are just starting out with a mechanical watch!

Our top recommendation is the sporty inspired Arbutus Dive Automatic AR1907SUS

Truly a sight to behold, the pristine blue dial and bezel harmoniously pairs with the masculine stainless steel bracelet. This timepiece also features a simple date indicator, making sure you never need to second guess yourself when it comes to recalling the dates of the month. With its ‘deep dive’ capability, the automatic movement is fully encased in the stainless steel case to provide water resistance of up to 300 metres. Look good, AND feel good wherever, whenever. And for these reasons, this masterpiece makes its grand entrance to the top of our list.

This next masterpiece is the Arbutus Skeleton Automatic AR1801SWF

This sleek demon is one of the most unique designs I have ever seen, with a mesmerising dial revealing pockets of the sophisticated automatic movement. The dial has been uniquely designed to replicate that of a movement with its ‘bridges’ and ‘jewels’. Just one glance and it wouldn’t be difficult to recognise the decision to pair the rich lustre white dial with the beautifully polished stainless steel case and croc-embossed brown leather strap. The deliberate and intended design behind this timepiece creates a pure and clean look that elevates your wardrobe to the next level. This is one of the best choices for anybody looking for an entry level automatic watch.

Our last recommendation as an entry point automatic watch is the Arbutus Skeleton Automatic AR1902SWB

This masterpiece suits any outfit for just about any occasion! With its unique dial showing the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12, and subtle hour markers detailing the numbers in between, it leaves space for portions of the automatic movement to be exposed. The watch gives off a very dominating vibe with hints of sophistication hidden within the exposed automatic movement. The azure blue numbers stand out from the white dial too, giving the watch more interesting finish.

What are your thoughts on the list? Did any of these watches catch you eye? Check out our entire collection of Arbutus automatic watches on our website by clicking here!


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