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4th of July with vulcain

Fourth of July is in a mere 5 days! Rejoice and prepare for celebrations! Fireworks, barbecues, and family gatherings are all events we can look forward to! What better way to spark conversation with people than with a standout watch! Aside from being the ‘The Watch for Presidents’, Vulcain is well known for being the inventor of the cricket alarm mechanism in wristwatches. With both a rich history and a multitude of accolades, Vulcain is the perfect watch for the 4th of July.

A watch quite literally as loud as it looks, the Vulcain Aviator Cricket Dual-Time VU110114.073M is a stunning conversation starter.

The lustrous white dial has glamorous golden hour indices on them and an additional 2nd time zone on the inner rotating bezel aids the busy traveller in keeping track of the time across cities. On top of all that, this watch also features the iconic cricket alarm complication that rings loudly when the hand strikes the intended time, and a double membrane or stainless-steel case back that amplifies the alarm. Let everybody know you mean business with the Vulcain Aviator Cricket Dual-Time VU110114.073M!

A voice of gold! The Vulcain Golden voice collection is sure to turn heads.

This timepiece has a beautiful sleek design that features the iconic Vulcain cricket alarm complication. Though a subtle design, the watch plays on textures with the guilloche dial found on the dial. It is an extremely interesting talking piece that is befitting of its heritage as ‘The Watch for Presidents’

Till today, Vulcain remains an independent watch maker that has prided itself in designing its own in-house watch movement. Vulcain remains a leader in producing mechanical alarms in watches and it is only fitting that it owns the title of ‘The Watch for Presidents’! If any of these interested you, feel free to click here to check out more Vulcain watches!

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