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Friends of Claude Bernard - Chan Qian Yi


Student, Modelling with Upfront Models

Things you do in your free time

Read, study and hanging out with my loved ones and close friends

Hidden talent

I have the ability to sleep for days if I have nothing to do Thoughts on Claude Bernard watches

Versatile, timeless and classy

Favourite quote on time

“ Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time “

Your Aspiration

To figure what I love, do it well enough so I can earn a living out of it

What would your ideal Valentine’s Day date be like?

Going to a bookstore, pick out a book for each other and read the books in our favorite café, when we get tired of reading go for food and a lot of desserts!

What is the most memorable action/event that your other half did for you?

Reminding me that I deserve all the goods in the world and I deserve to be happy. I know it sounds so silly but I cannot emphasise how mental health is so important.

In your opinion, what should be done to ensure a long lasting relationship?

Cherish the time with each other and trust each other, there’s no love without trust.

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